Come early for the Day of Safety

Spend the morning outside with tree care pros Matt Meckley and Jared Abrojena. Safety is always a top priority in tree care. This year’s Day of Safety will focus on systems, loads and responses. Come on out and join us for the day.


8:00amClimbing System Compatibility 
9:00amLoads and Forces in Tree Work
10:15amAerial Rescue Techniques
12:00 pmLunch (Provided)
12:00pmCEU Sign Out
*Please allow up to 6 weeks for processing of CEUs

Speaker Bios:

Matt Meckley

Matt is a hazard tree feller and climber working out of Oregon.  He has traveled working up and down the west coast working on fire prevention. Additionally, he works as a trainer for The Academy and runs his own crews.

Jared Abrojena

Jared is a 9-time WCTCC climbing champ, co-owner of Evergreen Tree Care, and a founder of Academy-Trained with 23 years of experience. His passion for the arboricultural industry, as well as expertise, has preceded him. In 2019, Jared was able to watch one of his dreams come true when he, along with business partners, founded training company, Academy-Trained. Jared’s goal has always been to provide professional hands-on training in controlled environments.  While teaming up with other professionals with the same vision and values, Jared and the Academy’s continuous mission is to Elevate the Standard through safety, training, and innovation.


It’s going to be a good one.

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