Climber/Volunteer Info


Due to high demand for the 30 contestant slots available, the selection of participants for this year’s tree climbing competition will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. – Note: 5  may be reserved for Women’s Heat.  An additional 5 stand by contestant names will be taken in the order received.

  • All entry forms, with payment, must be postmarked no later than May 1, 2020 to be considered. (Any entries received without payment will not be considered.)
  • The first 22 entry forms (with payment included) received will be scheduled to compete.
  • Two spots will be reserved for state champions from Arizona and Hawaii.
  • The remaining slots will be reserved for the top five finishers in last year’s Master Challenge as well as the Women’s Champion (if required).
  • Companies are encouraged to enter as many employees as they want, but WCISA reserves the right to limit the number of contestants from any one company, so please indicate the names of your top two climbers. We encourage companies to send all entries in one envelope.
  • All contestants eligible to compete will be notified by email.
  • All others will be placed on a waiting list in order received. If there are cancellations prior to the event or no-shows at the event and you are in attendance, you may be able to compete.  Entry fees of those applicants not scheduled to compete will be refunded after the event.
  • All Certified Tree Workers (CTW) and/or Certified Arborists (CA) who compete will automatically receive 2 CEUs.
  • As a participant of an ISA chapter tree climbing championship you may waive the work climb portion of the skills exam for the ISA Certified Treeworker Climber Specialist certification exam providing you satisfy all other requirements.


  • Contestants must be prepared to compete in ALL five preliminary events: Footlock, Ascent, Aerial Rescue, Throw Line and Work Climb.
  • A complete set of rules and regulations is available through the Western Chapter office. (559/784-8733) or on the ISA ITCC website.


  • The top three finishers in each of the preliminary events will receive a prize.
  • The top four to five overall finishers from the men’s competition will advance to the Master Challenge.
  • A Women’s Master’s Challenge will also be held.
  • The top women’s climber (or Master’s Challenge champion) and the men’s champion from the Master Challenge will be proclaimed “Chapter Champions” and will earn the honor of representing the Western Chapter at the 2018 International Tree Climber’s Championship in Columbus, Ohio.
  • The Chapter Champion’s name will be added to the list of Chapter Champions on the TCC Trailer and will have his or her expenses paid to attend the International competition (up to $1,500.00).
  • All finishers in the Master Challenge will receive prizes.

Equipment Check – helpful hints

  • Bring double locking carabiners, that open and close easily, no sticking
  • Cover your hand saw with duct tape
  • Bring a hard hat with a chin strap (so it doesn’t fall out of the tree while climbing)
  • Ropes, saddle, flipline, carabiners and all mechanical devices must be in good working order.

Important links:

Skill waiver for CTW credential candidates:

As a participant of an ISA chapter tree climbing championship you may waive the work climb portion of the skills exam for the ISA Certified Treeworker Climber Specialist certification exam providing you satisfy all other requirements. Here’s the form.


Individuals who compete in or volunteer for an ISA Tree Climbing Championship are covered by the ISA Climbers Event Policy. This includes coverage for set-up and tear-down of events (for volunteers) as well as during the event when in the climbing zones. All chapter events fall under this policy.


Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will be held following the Master’s Challenge at the park. Your entry fee includes a commemorative t-shirt, fruit, water and lunch.  The top four or five contestants from the Men’s Division of the Tree Climbing Championship will participate in the Masters Challenge on Sunday.  A Women’s Master’s Challenge will also be held.  A copy of the final standing for the preliminaries will be posted during the Master Challenge.

If you have any questions you may call the chapter office at 559/784-8733.

Volunteers and judges

Interested in helping out? We need judges, timers, registration, awards, and set up volunteers. Contact Philip Ruiz at (626) 274-2501 or by e-mail at

Want to Volunteer?   Download a volunteer form below or sign up online


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