Update on WCTCC

The WCTCC was scheduled to take place at UC Davis in Nor Cal this year June 5th through the 7th, Friday the 5th being the day of safety, followed by two amazing days of competition. UC Davis contacted us and wanted to push the event back to the end of June since the university and area could not allow gatherings of more than 50 people. Since then rules of social distancing have gotten stricter because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The International Society of Arboriculture has canceled the International Tree Climbing Competition (ITCC) in Albuquerque New Mexico along with many other chapter TCCs, and the North American Tree Climbing Competition (NATCC) has been moved to February 2021.

The decision is to cancel the 2020 WCTCC for the safety of everyone. This decision did not come easy, just as all other ISA and WCISA events were not easy decisions to cancel.

The safety of the climbers, climber’s families, judges, volunteers and all the spectator comes first, if it is in the trees, the setup, the equipment or the trees themselves. This pandemic has affected us all but we will be back in 2021 with another amazing WCTCC.


Philip Ruiz,  WCTCC Chair



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